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Cleaning Essentials Kit

$38.00 $54.00

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the essentials— our 4 best-selling products all in one. Just fill with water, drop in a tablet, and clean! Made to keep our home and the planet clean. Save money while saving the environment!


ECOKIND Cleaning Hand Soap, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, and Glass + Mirror Cleaner delivers powerful cleaning without any harsh chemicals or ingredients. Say goodbye to single-use plastic! 

 Clean Ingredients: Made with sustainable, eco-friendly, and plant-based ingredients

 Effective: Specifically designed for an optimal clean

 Save: Get everything in one kit and save on costs and emissions


"Love this product! So much fun to plop in and I love how pretty the bottles are. The hand soap is a glass bottle and the rest are plastic but that’s ideal for cleaning. 10/10 will buy again."

ECOKIND Cleaning Customer


• 1 reusable 250ml Refillable Glass Bottle (Hand Soap) & 1 Foaming Hand Soap tablet (Scent: Lavender or Fragrance Free)

• 1 reusable 500ml Refillable Bottle (Multi-Surface) & 1 Multi-Surface tablet (Scent: Citrus or Fragrance Free)

• 1 reusable 500ml Refillable Bottle (Bathroom) & 1 Bathroom tablet (Scent: Citrus or Fragrance Free)

• 1 reusable 500ml Refillable Bottle (Glass + Mirror) & 1 Glass + Mirror tablet (Fragrance-Free)

Hand Soap

1. Fill the refillable bottle with 250ml of water
2. Drop in a hand soap refill tablet
3. Let it dissolve and voila! Hydrating, foamy cleanliness at your fingertips.

Cleaning Spray

1. Fill the refillable bottle with 500ml of water
2. Drop in a multi-surface/glass+mirror/bathroom refill tablet
3. Let it dissolve and get cleaning! Convenient, sustainable, and effective.

• Made without parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalates

• Vegan, gluten-free, soy and nut-free

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What's Inside This Kit

Sustainability. Cleanliness. Kindness.




Fill the refillable bottle with water.


Drop a tablet in and let it dissolve entirely.


A full bottle of cleaning solution is ready for use.

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A Kinder, More Effective Way to Clean

ECOKIND Cleaning is cost and environmentally friendly thanks to using refill tablets instead of disposable products. Our compact and cost-effective solution saves you money and space.

Make a Difference With Every Clean

ECOKIND Cleaning uses safe, natural and scientifically proven cleaning solutions that are both zero-waste and bio-degradable. All of our products meet high health and safety standards, so you can clean with a "clean" conscience and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

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